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SimpleGeo, here I come

I am very excited to help build a new office in San Francisco for SimpleGeo, a new location-based infrastructure company built by Joe Stump and Matt Galligan.

I’ve really enjoyed working at Ning for the past 7 months; it’s not easy to leave such an awesome place and team. I’ve learned valuable lessons here in a short time, and I’m ready to apply them at my new company.

Right now, SimpleGeo is locked down in private beta, but it’s ready to launch soon. I am learning new things about the power of location data each day; I’ve become obsessed with it almost.

For SimpleGeo, I will be doing developer outreach and advocacy, evangelism, and a little bit of business development. I’ll be attending industry-related events too, which is one part of the job I’m really excited about. I will continue to post on my ZDNet blog as well.

I will have more information in the weeks to come, but I thought I would post something here to let you know what’s up with me.

Email me at if you want to chat.

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