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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Moving Alison Rosen to WordPress

I am not a fan of Blogger. It can’t be hosted on your own server, and there is an element of control missing that WordPress has and Blogger doesn’t. So when I saw Alison Rosen using Blogger, I wanted to help her move to WordPress, and start using her own domain name. I’m no designer, [...]

Kamikaze Heart stretches out the mind

This Friday, I had the opportunity to watch amazing bay area talent in the play Kamikaze Heart, written by Tim Barksy. The story starts out: Once upon a time in a little place they used to call the City of Lights, there was a Boy who had a Heart Made of Gold… I wasn’t allowed [...]

Grilled Cheese tasting at Foodzie

My friends over at Foodzie invited me to a grilled cheese tasting this past week, and I didn’t know what to expect. It was totally different than the pot-pie tasting I did at Chow last year. Their startup is a marketplace for high-end artisan food vendors, so they get a lot of free food samples [...]