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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Vodka-drinking kitty

I am not sure if this is good for his health… He passed out shortly after I took this video.

geekSessions 1.3: PHP Scalability and Performance

Terry Chay is very good at gathering important people together, so when I heard about the lineup for a PHP-flavored geekSessions, I knew tychay had something to do with it. As always, The Forbin Group and SF Beta hosted the event at the beautiful City Club atop 255 Sansome. Cindy was a great hostess. geekSessions [...]

Best iPhone app ever

ApeRobot introduced me to this amazing iPhone application. All you do is tap the quote box and a randomly generated George Bush quote is displayed. Just point you iPhone of iPod Touch to http://oaktowncrack.com/war/ and enjoy.

Madeleine Albright visits CNET

“I wish there were a book that would tell me what to do.” -Warren Harding Madeleine Albright just published a new book, and she came to CNET to talk about it and the state of American politics. The following is my scratch notes from her talk. Sorry if it’s sloppy, I have never blogged this [...]

A Twitter book!

Tom Merritt, Molly Wood, Jason Howell, and Leo Laporte are collaborating on Twitter. I haven’t listened to today’s Buzz Out Loud, but I bet that’s where it started. I think this is a brilliant idea, and I will definitely follow it. As of 12:20 PST today, already has 38 followers.