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Monthly Archives: April 2007

I like her, but I’m not in like with her

Have you ever had a crush on someone, but you weren’t sure how to get the message across to them? Back in the old days, we would play a game with the girls we had crushes on, sending them notes with the question, “Do you like me? Please choose Yes, No or Maybe”. Well, it’s [...]

Friendly Windows 95 Promotional Video

Staring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry… pretty corny, but funny. It’s interesting how quickly times have changed. Ten years ago, people weren’t laughing when they watched this: This is only part one of the movie. Here is 2, 3, and 4:

A short poem about Hokie Stone

Stole this from Sadie’s facebook profile: Hokie Stone Tears down cheeks Young stones bled. Pain laid paths No fear tread. White candles weep Before darks night. Slept in mourn Empty piercing light. Grace go I New days dawn. Friends of forever Thus etched upon. Rise mountain rise Hokies not alone. Open eyes feel Love’s eternal [...]

Hokie love from other schools

I was very excited to see other colleges and universities paying tribute to us :) From FSU: The Z Society at UVA: More UVA love: The Florida Gators are showing love: MIT, Cambridge, Ma: Penn State at their Blue and White game: George Mason: At William & Mary: A candlelight vigil at Southern Methodist University: [...]

Beautiful tribute art from Kathy

Amid the chaos there were hero’s, some were professors who gave their lives to save their students some were students who perished, some were survivors who courageously told their stories there are those who were left behind to carry the dreams of the lost You are Virginia Tech!! And we love you!