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Monthly Archives: August 2006

WWDC is awesome

Apple has so much more buzz than any other software company, and the best part is that nerds are the ones buzzing. Finally, a company is going hard at Microsoft. Engadget has the best coverage so far…

Mario will never get old

In my generation, we all grew up with an NES in the house. And I bet every single one of you has played a Mario game before. Well it doesn’t surprise me that 21 years after the middle-aged Italian plummer was born, he is still one of the most popular video game characters around. I [...]

P2P has a new protocol

What ever happened to the RIAA going after 14-year-old kids sharing music on Limewire or Kazaa? Can you remember when the government would emphasize that file sharing was a negative? Well you can kiss those ideas goodbye. BitTorrent and Cachelogic (pronounced cash-logic) are teaming up to create a new P2P protocol called CDP, which will [...]

The web is del.icio.us

Did you ever want to access your bookmarks away from your personal computer? Del.icio.us makes this possible, in a simple, sophisticated way that doesn’t seem to be going away. Yahoo! snatched up del.icio.us right away, and now they are starting to integrate their MyWeb product. One of the signature features of del.icio.us is tagging. You [...]

AOL is FREE! Plus free web space?

I never thought I’d see the day… The former monopolistic dial-up provider has finally realized the benefits of free services. The comapny also announced that it would offer 5GB of free web space starting in September. “Hey, if 99.9% of websites offer free content, maybe we should?” It took them long enough, but I still [...]