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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Hey UPS, why do I have to pay to re-direct a shipment online?

A friend of mine was sent a bouquet of flowers for her birthday, but they were sent to her home address. Since this package required a signature for delivery, and she has a full time job and couldn’t be home to sign for it, I thought I would investigate the UPS website to see if [...]

Starbucks #freepastryday is a scam

I went into the store at about 10:00 a.m. this morning with this coupon for a free pastry. The man at the counter said there were no more free pastries left, when there was clearly a full case. My colleague Christine also experienced a problem. The fine print on the coupon included apple fritters, but [...]

How to use Foursquare API with OAuth and PHP

I have been experimenting with the Foursquare API for a few months now, and I wanted to start fresh learning how to use OAuth. If you don’t know what OAuth is, think of it as a valet key. Instead of giving a third party (me) your username and password, you can click a simple link [...]