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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Heading to West Point for the night

I am working on a few articles for this site, and I will have it updated in the next few days. I am taking a break and driving to West Point, Va. to visit my mama tonight.

Donate to Candice for Miss America

From her website: Hi, it’s me Candice! I’m working towards becoming the next Miss Virginia, and I’m hoping to continue on to compete for the title of Miss America. This year the Miss America Organization is teaming up with Children’s Miracle Network to help kids in our community by raising much needed funds. I have [...]

It’s a monkey with a camera

That’s what he says. That’s what the logo looks like. But how interesting could it be to watch a monkey with a camera? It’s actually very interesting. Especially if this monkey is constantly being bombarded with media coverage. I’m talking about 23-year-old videoblogger Justin Kan and his website justin dot tv. The reason it’s so [...]

30boxes: Organize your life.

How organized are you? I spend a lot of time multi-tasking, especially on the Internet, and I have always wanted a central calendar to plan out my steps. Microsoft Outlook is a pretty good calendar application, but I use Thunderbird for mail, and Sunbird isn’t really a solid schedule manager yet. This application blows Outlook [...]

Justin.tv is on right now.

Let me clarify; this guy is wearing a camera on his head, and it’s streaming live… right here: As I am watching at 5:38 p.m. EST, Justin seems to be in an office building, and everybody is looking at the camera. People have their camera phones out, and telling from Justin’s head movements, he is [...]