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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Highlights from Lovefest 2007

The last weekend in September is reserved for festivals and parades in San Francisco. Lovefest is the first one I attended. My camera got wet on that one. Here is a video I took: Here are my pics from the event.

MVs play Amazing Grace

I really started to tear up when I heard this about a month ago. I forgot to blog it, so here ya go: I wish I was still there belting out the high notes. Here is another video of Van Halen’s ‘Jump’:

Chay can tag

Not only can he take incredible photos: Solve any physics equation: Reverse-engineer any PHP application: Invade bay area startups and with hundreds of people to eat free lunch: But the guy can tag like a maniac. Terry Chay will go into your Flickr and add like five or six tags to each photo. I guess [...]

Justin’s Lifecasting Network

Justin Kan has been broadcasting his life to the internet for a while now, but I had no idea how much his venture has grown. He has truly built a community of social media. You can cycle through the videos to see which one entertains you most. And in just a few clicks, I had [...]

Mash is truly interactive

Yahoo! just launched it’s new “social-netorking” site, Mash. It’s basically Facebook, with more customization and the ability to let your friends edit your profile. You can also customize the CSS any way you’d like. It’s more mature than MySpace, more interactive than Virb, and more interesting than Facebook. I can’t get away from the website. [...]