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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Full steam ahead

From the Laughing Squid party at Flora Grubb Gardens:

Kevin and Sarah

Here is a cool photo I snapped tonight of lifecaster Sarah Meyers, and social media soldier Kevin Rose:

Memorable Demos from TechCrunch 9

I say memorable because they fed us drinks. As the sun set on Menlo Park Friday night, hundreds of interactive web heads gathered on the patio to test and show off their projects. It reminded me of a high school science fair, but with margaritas and pretty girls. There were a handful of gracious sponsors, [...]

Vinay, on beer

Vimeo is king. It took me about five minutes to upload this video, and publish it on my blog: On Beer from Andrew Mager and Vimeo. Vimeo encodes the video right before your eyes, and gives you an accurate countdown. They even allow you to easily share your favorites.

Hokies Respect, Don’t be a jerk

Hokie Football – Don’t Be a Jerk from Andrew Mager and Vimeo.