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Monthly Archives: March 2008

SNAP Summit 2.0 notes

*/ SNAP Summit II March 25, 2008 Commonwealth Club, SF, Calif., USA =================================== */ 9:30 Effective Social Interface Design Josh Porter; Founder, Bokardo: Social Web Design Teaching us about del.icio.us, and digg. 10:00 PANEL: Methods of Boosting User Engagement * MODERATOR: Dave McClure; Blogger, 500hats.com * Rajat Paharia; CEO, Bunchball * Siqi Chen; Co-Founder, Friends [...]

Live podcasting is the new black

As I was watching Buzz Out Loud today, I felt eerily comfortable interacting with a podcast. Maybe it’s because I was watching Leo Laporte for six hours straight yesterday. Laporte was giving hints about his new project yesterday on air, and it sounds like he is gonna be spending a lot of time in front [...]

Eggs 2.0

Great video by iJ: My favorite eggy is the Twitter blue bird:

Just Skitch it

I have been finding Skitch very useful these days. Brian Caldwell first introduced it to me months ago, but I never thought I would want to save all my screen grabs as much as I do today. Working on the web 10 hours a day, something will catch you eye, and you don’t really have [...]

Flickr Turns Four

Last night, Flickr had a birthday party at 111 Minna Gallery in SOMA Badass MC and math enthusiast, Cal Henderson, was in attendance. Thousands of user-submitted photos were printed and posted throughout Minna. I have never seen this many cameras in one place in my entire life. A Flickr group allowed users to submit only [...]