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RIP andrewmager.com

This blog is dead. If you want to keep following along, head over to http://mager.co.

Win free Buckyballs!

I’m running a contest for a set of free Buckyballs, a magnetic toy that you can mold and shape any way you want. What would you do with them? What would you create? Give me a good reason for why I should send you a free set. There will be five winners, and the deadline [...]

Become a member of Founder’s Card

Most discount/membership cards are either a hoax or a phishing scam. Not this one. I want to tell you about my experiences with the Founder’s Card. It’s a members-only community for industry leaders and visionaries, providing elite access to the entrepreneurial lifestyle and business opportunities. One of my colleagues turned me on to this, and [...]

SimpleGeo, here I come

I am very excited to help build a new office in San Francisco for SimpleGeo, a new location-based infrastructure company built by Joe Stump and Matt Galligan. I’ve really enjoyed working at Ning for the past 7 months; it’s not easy to leave such an awesome place and team. I’ve learned valuable lessons here in [...]

Why marketing isn’t bullshit

Alex Hunter from FOWA 2010: Why the hell should I care about marketing? I’m a developer. Marketing is the cancer on the nutsack of creativity. You cannot afford to take your eye off your brand for one second. No excuses. This is 100% relevant to our industry because we are directly responsible for changing it. [...]