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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Jason Howell’s identity revealed

I am definitely a Buzz Out Loud fan boy. I always hear listeners complain about not being able to see what Jason looks like. Well, today, he went live. Luckily I got a screenshot: Hey look, there’s Veronica too. I hope they go live every day. I would still listen to the podcast even if [...]

Zivity: For models and photographers

The first time I heard of Zivity, I was skimming the demos of TechCrunch 40. I finally got an invite about a month ago, and I have yet to be disappointed. Think of Zivity as a social network for models and photographers to exchange resources. As a regular user on the site, you have the [...]

Buy and sell your friends

I hate 99% of Facebook apps, but this one is truly addicting. These are all my current pets: You make money on Friends For Sale by logging in and buying friends. When someone else buys a friend from you, the profit goes to you. I am valued at $16,745 today. I find myself logging in [...]

Iminta the web, are you?

My former colleague at CNET is putting his Moo-magic to work on a new startup called Iminta. I have seen sites before where you can hook in all your feeds, but this one was the easiest to use. Even easier than Google’s Jaiku. Iminta feels like a Flash application, but it’s purely Javascript. Once you [...]

Yahoo! Live redefines lifecasting

I am still a big fan of Justin.tv and UStream, but Yahoo! Live just changed the game a little bit. I am once again addicted to lifecasting. Unfortunately, I can’t do it at work, but I will try to do it on the weekends if I can. Yahoo’s service is slick because you can interact [...]