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Monthly Archives: May 2008

A truly social video experience

There are countless video sites out there. YouTube is the largest and has millions of users. Flickr just launched their video attempt, but you can only post 90 seconds of action. Vimeo has a sick design, but you can only upload 500 MB a week. I’ve started using Viddler because there are none of these [...]


CNET TV has a new look and feel. They are slowly rolling out new features. and today the “2.1 beta” popped up: It’s being pushed out to 5% of users today. Update: Tales found a cool image from the 1.0 days. Update #2: This post was censored by Mark Larkin at CNET. He made me [...]

May 30 is one of those days

Some days in the year are just magical. Today is the 150th day in the year, and a lot of special people started their lives on this day. The following people were born on May 30th: Peter the Great of Russia. Scott Beale, primary tenticle of Laughing Squid. Joel B. Sacks, social deviant. Cee-Lo Green, [...]

Learn SEO from a Google webmeister

Google is the first place many people go first when opening a web browser. It’s fast, reliable, and accurate. Search engine optimization could be the special sauce that makes or breaks your website. So let’s learn a little SEO from Google. Maile Ohye will be our driver. Crawling When you create a website, make it [...]

Marissa Mayer flexes Google’s imagination muscle

When you focus on the things people use every day, you solve big problems. iGoogle gadgets are a new form of advertising. The orginary and the every day. Occam’s razor for logic: the simplest answer is probably right. The Google homepage. Sergey created the original homepage. What inspired him to make it plain? “We didn’t [...]