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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Writing a book about the Twitter API

Learning how to program is fun, powerful, and engaging. A lot of people say that the Twitter API is a great place to start learning how to code if you’ve never done any programming before. I agree. Twitter has great documentation, a vibrant developer community, and a ton of users saying interesting and uninteresting things. [...]

Eliot Kalmbach (1985-2009)

I was horrified when I got a text message this morning from a friend telling me Eliot Kalmbach had passed away in a hiking accident. The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports that Eliot and a friend were hiking an off beat trail at Grand Teton National Park. I remember Eliot as a genius, an [...]

Hello Ning!

The character 寧 stands for Ning, which is Chinese for peace. Today was my first day working as a web developer for Ning. The office is in Palo Alto, and I’ll be taking Caltrain from SF every day. I’ve spent most of my day meeting people, learning git, and setting up my system. I am [...]

Farewell CNET

Rewind two years and some change: April 5, 2007. I’m stuck in the Roanoke airport in Virginia. My Thursday night flight to San Francisco had to be pushed to morning. I was gonna be late for my interview at CNET the next day. Rockstar human and HR person, Hilary Straw, called me every day trying [...]