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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Lake Merritt, Oakland, Ca.

Two of my good buddies from Virginia Tech scored internships in Northern California this summer, so I went to check out a potential place for them yesterday. I had only visited the East Bay a few times, and I was excited to check out a small borough of Oakland. What a beautiful city. I was [...]

Three reasons why Brightkite will survive

It complements Twitter – It’s really easy to update BrightKite from the web, or your mobile device. It’s not a Twitter clone either. Twitter is the what, BrightKite is the where. It’s fun to see where your friends are. You can also embed photos in your posts, so it’s a rich experience. It already has [...]

A president we will actually be proud of

My colorful macbook

Short attention span theatre

Micromedia is addicting to me. I can’t live without Twitter. At Web 2.0 Expo, the speakers of the “Short Attention Span Theatre: micromedia and microblogging”, you could follow , and your Twitter updates would show up on the screen. The audience controls the session. You could also suggest topics or update the background image on [...]