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Monthly Archives: June 2008

CNET Networks is now CBS Interactive

We got the memo this morning. “Together, CBS and CBS Interactive represent an unbeatable combination of premium content online, premium content on air, and premium audiences. As a leading online media network, CBS Interactive has an impressive portfolio of brands, including CNET, CBSSports.com, CBS.com, GameSpot, TV.com, BNET, and Last.fm, to name a few. Together, we [...]

Remember RocketMail? It’s back.

In 1997, RocketMail, not to be confused with the delivery of mail by rocket or missile, was a great email service, then Yahoo! snatched it up and killed it. Well, 11 years later, you can sign up for a email address. They also enabled ymail.com, which sounds like direct competition to Gmail. I have [...]

Behind the scenes with Natali Del Conte

I am a huge fan of Natali Del Conte’s show Loaded on CNET TV. It’s a concise recap of the day’s news in technology and everything web. So when she IMed me to come see a taping of the show, I jumped out of my seat. She was doing a quick run-through, and I snapped [...]

What is love to you?

Back in the day, I had this experiment where I would ask all my friends what love meant to them. Today, I got the best answer to date: Here is a long list of everybody’s answers from 2002. I left the AIM screen names in tact, so feel free to contact these people and argue [...]

Draw My Thing

iminlikewithyou.com is not just a dating site anymore. In fact, people don’t even know how to find that section of the site anymore because their games are so much fun. Yesterday at lunch, Halle asked if I had ever played Draw My Thing. I was like, ‘uhh what?’ Imagine charades with a mouse. I recommend [...]