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Monthly Archives: July 2008

The Web Life

I am very excited about my new blog on ZDNet. It’s called The Web Life. I will basically cover three topics: Cutting-edge web utilities that I find useful. This can involve any website that helps humans be more efficient. There are thousands of startups that have great products, but no one is writing about them. [...]

A new design for Neha

Out of every blog I’ve ever created for a friend, no one updates as much as Neha. I always tell her that I am gonna work on her site, but I usually let her down and just push it aside. So today I put some time into a new design. She totally deserves a new [...]

TechCrunch August Capital 2008

It’s always an honor to be in the south bay. Last year’s TechCrunch party in Menlo Park was one of my first experiences being away from the city where I live and work. This year’s event was even better. Special thanks for Michael Arrington for inviting us to his event and being a great host. [...]

Twitter, where did my followers go?

Totally unacceptable. You can’t look at your archive. You have to block people to unfollow them. And now you can’t even keep followers. Dear Google, please build a Twitter clone that is directly related to GMail and Chat and call it Chatter. Okay. Thank you. Bye.

Facebook’s new design evolving

Last month, Facebook released their new design in beta, and it’s fun to watch it evolve. It’s fun to watch it change. Here is a screenshot from about a week ago: Looks like they are moving the profile photo to the right (taken 7/12): And finally on 7/20: Which one do you like best?