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Monthly Archives: December 2007

The new magerleagues.com

The nickname “magerleagues” came about on a high school band trip to Orlando, Fl in 2002. The rest is history. To make a long story short, I registered magerleagues.com back then and had a shoutout directory. Every once in a while, I would write short tribute about someone who was special to me. Well, I [...]

Wanna Glog?

It’s getting easier and easier to blog these days. Glogster is a flash-based blogging platform that integrates social networking and blogging. The UI is pretty easy to get the hang of, and the bright colors make it attractive to play around with. One cool feature is that you can win an iPod and a $50 [...]

Is Mozilla going social?

I just saw a RWW post about Mozilla’s newest labs experiment. The new project, which is called Weave, promises to “focus on finding ways to enhance the Firefox user experience, increase user control over personal information, and provide new opportunities for developers to build innovative online experiences”. They want to build an infrastructure to enable [...]

Alfred’s is elegant

Vinay took me to Alfred’s steakhouse on my birthday, so we thought it would be nice to bring my Mom here. Here is a 1000 words for you:

Addicted to social media

Something might be wrong with me. My dream sequences go through imaginary Firefox browsers. I am always thinking about publishing my life online. Maybe cuz it’s so easy? First thing this morning, I quickly added about 20 photos to Facebook which only took about 5 minutes. Then I went into Flickr Uploadr, and dragged about [...]