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Monthly Archives: November 2007

reCAPTCHA for the win.

I have implemented reCAPTCHA to prevent spammers from stealing my PageRank votes. reCAPTCHA is cool because each time you fill one out, you are digitizing an old book in the process. You can read more about it here: http://recaptcha.net/learnmore.html Try it out below.

CNET’s Holiday Help Desk Marathon

I started working at CNET about 6 months ago, and I have always been a fan of Tom Merritt and and Molly Wood. I was excited when I heard that CNET TV was doing a 10-hour call-in show on Black Friday. Am I am typing this, they are sitting in the CNET TV studio talking [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for a lot of things. I got an invite to Halle Tecco’s “Thankstaking” party on Wednesday night in lower Pacific Heights: Thursday, John Potter invited me to dinner with his family. Pictured below is Nisha and Anjana: And yesterday, I went to Vinay‘s house to have dinner with Nicole and Sarah. Here [...]

Digg the candidates

Daniel posted this today, and I thought I would share it with you. Digg’s audience is stereotyped as being a bunch of 13-year-old kids that just like to talk shit. Well, I don’t think that’s their core audience. It will be interesting to see who the tech community diggs. I will be checkin this page [...]

Watch out Viacom and Disney, hulu is fresh.

hulu is a free video-on-demand service from NBC Universal and News Corp. It’s still in private beta. For months now, I have been waiting for an invite. I finally got one last week. First of all, the video quality is damn near HD. And it’s streaming, which is the amazing part. I have seen other [...]