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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Slacker Uprising available for viewing

Michael Moore is controversial, but that’s why I like him. Here is his newest movie:

Parking Day 2008

People find a parking spot, reserve it, and then park there. But without a car. Visit the website for more information. It was awesome though.

Sleep better

My favorite podcast on CNET is The 404. They cover the culture of the web in New York. Today, they interviewed Dr. Michael J. Breus, an expert on sleeping. Here are the notes I took from the interview: In a 20 minute nap, you don’t fully go into deep sleep, but your mind goes into [...]

TechCrunch50 is my vacation

I took three days off, starting now, to cover TechCrunch50. You can follow my live blog here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. Day 3 update: I got a chance to interview Ashton Kutcher with Meghan Asha:

CNET Alumni Party

I came at the tail end of this. Shelby Bonnie was in attendance!