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What is love to you?

Back in the day, I had this experiment where I would ask all my friends what love meant to them. Today, I got the best answer to date:

Here is a long list of everybody’s answers from 2002. I left the AIM screen names in tact, so feel free to contact these people and argue your point.

Anyway, please please tell me what love means to you. I want your definition. How does it make you feel? Answer in the comments.

From 2002

mager leagues: whats love to you?
CrazyRay13: i dont beleve its perm
mager leagues: say somethin more
CrazyRay13: well my overall view is that people are never in love perm, and that eventually marriages turn into friendshiip, so i guess love = advanced form of friendship
CrazyRay13: who knows :-X
mager leagues: discuss :-X
CrazyRay13: i guess it just cant be described

months later..

crazy ray 13: love is something that can’t be put into words. its the feelings, emotions, and knowing that the other person experiences the same things for you that you feel for them. honestly, any attempt at trying to classify love is an injustice, because its so much more then words

Dev0140: there are like 50 different loves; you can love your friends; you can love your guys; friends…or your girlfriends; but not be IN love with them. sometimes its easy to say you love certain things, but its equally as easy to say you hate them too. when love and hate are 2 absolutes

Cocomaan: There is nothing in this world that is black and white. You don’t love or hate someone. This is common sense. But many people that I have known said that they have a girlfriend/boyfriend that they don’t ‘love’, and that their ‘true love’ is reserved for someone else; the mythical figure of the ‘perfect’ person. What I tell these people is that they are wrong (something they don’t want to hear). They DO love that person, whether they deny it or not. I love my brother and my parents in a different ‘shade’ than I love my closest friends and those ladies I admire. I love my Whitford gangsta’s, but not in the way I would love someone I marry. There is alot of love to go around, and you shouldn’t spare it for someone you don’t know yet. You should love all, and love some more than others, and some less. Always think in shades of gray.

Niccii44: when 2 people love each other; when you can’t think about anything but that person; and when the person feels the same way, and all you want to do is be with that person … and not even in a sexual way
mager leagues: your definition is my favorite
Niccii44: lol :-) thats b/c i am totally feeling in love lol

EmZAngL: u know what i think love is?
EmZAngL: finding someone that knows everything about you, and loves you anyway. someone who tells u a million times not to do something, and still loves you when you do it anyway, and doesn’t say i told you so when you get hurt.
EmZAngL: someone with whom you can be entirely yourself, without worrying about them making judgments or being “too cool” to be with you
EmZAngL: someone who you can cry with, or talk about anything with. someone who understands you and everything you say, and tries even if they don’t. someone who always makes you smile, even when all you feel like doing is crying. someone who loves you so much, they don’t mind not being in first place. someone who doesn’t mind, and in
fact loves, spending ridiculous amounts of time with you, and doesn’t get tired of you, even after hours and hours.
EmZAngL: someone who you can honestly say you miss when you go away or when they don’t talk to you.
EmZAngL: true real unconditional love is finding someone for whom you’re willing to give up everything, absolutely everything you have for that person. it’s so entirely special–i really believe that it’s the kind of thing you only ever get from your parents, dogs, and a few wonderful people in your entire life.
EmZAngL: anyone who experiences that kind of love is so lucky…
EmZAngL: anyways. just feeling sappy. and i didn’t answer this question so well before

Cocomaan: You asked me that before.
A) Enfatuation with another
B) A feeling of bonding with another person
C) A fucking joke.

mager leagues: whats love to you
SteveM76: what

Gianajmalak: love: i think that love is overcomplicated. when you hold a baby and it looks at you and is contented, that’s love. the simplicity of it all: trust and
comfort. trust that you’ll take care of each other and comfort just by being around one another. that’s what i think love is. And really, this explanation covers all
mager leagues: 8-)
(wifey candidate)

steffani602: it isn’t finding the perfect person but seeing an imperfect person perfectly…its feeling that someone out there knows who yor are and wants to be around you
and with you despite this
mager leagues: WHOA
steffani602: well you asked

mager leagues: can you define love?
Girliepa: no
mager leagues: why not
Girliepa: because i’ve never been in love
mager leagues: :-
mager leagues: good enough for me

KaRkAr385: hmmmm…when u think about the person all the time adn without them you just feel like shit and when you loev someone its like the best feeling in the world, a
natural high and when you find love its like all the things in the world u thought were crappy just change into something of beauty!
mager leagues: :-D

mangomanpsu: well, ill give you two answers. . .heres the good answer: love is the power between people to hold strong and true, and the ability to reach the highest
heights. . . .here’s the other answer: love is good sex with a blowjob afterwards
mager leagues: :-)

Dev0140: Love can sweep you off your feet and carry you along in a way you’ve never known before. But the ride always ends, and you end up feeling lonely and bitter. Wait.
It’s not love I’m describing. I’m thinking of a monorail. – J. Handey
Dev0140: how do you like them apples?
mager leagues: haha

rockinthasuburbs: love is found in the eye of the beholder and can be one’s highest acheivement or greatest downfall

Jrobinson0: when u really really really really like somebody and you cant stand being away from them and all you think about is being with them. DEVIN AND ME
mager leagues: l33t

SUNFLWR1684: umm..im not a dictionary

AlliH3586: man some people have some good answers

Helmy7: i think, its getting a special feeling in side when you look at someone and you know you want to be with them. and change nothing about them, even dispite there
flaws you still can’t get enough of them

Meggz77: love or “love” is just knowing the answer to that question, and not having to tell anyone.
Meggz77: b/c u love them. and they know. end of story.

sPankMuStafa: love is when two people have feelings of intimacy, for each other..i think
mager leagues: booo

Powerfulsoul27: umm…. extreme happiness and enjoyment around a certain person and extreme saddness when you’re not with them

The Heath1974: A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a
sense of underlying oneness.
A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance.

Sexual passion.
Sexual intercourse.
A love affair.
An intense emotional attachment, as for a pet or treasured object.
A person who is the object of deep or intense affection or attraction; beloved. Often used as a term of endearment.
mager leagues: whoa
The Heath1974: thats what the dictionary said

a nak in1420: love is all of your being. it gives you butterflies. it makes you happy

rockinthasuburbs: love is a feeling you’d do anything to have
mager leagues: :-)
rockinthasuburbs: and inspiration for living. love is life

quartnaz727: a comfortable feeling with someone whom you really enjoy and really care for… a really really really good friend

phildotbw: shit man, its one thing everybody wants but is hard to find. and i dont know how to really know if you are in love. i think im in love, but i dont know if ill ever know what it is

mager leagues (3:16:15 PM): whats love to you
MmAf 03 06 (3:16:19 PM): um…
MmAf 03 06 (3:17:05 PM): i think ppl that say they love each other after they’ve known each other for like a couple months r full of shit cuz u cant jus love someone
without even knowin how they really are ya no? haha i have no idea

MHolla1216: love is wakin up to the thought of somebody else, love is sacrifice, love is total dedication to that special someone, love is putting your all into a
relationship knowing someday you could feel the worst pain of your life

mager leagues: kt shute
mager leagues: whats love to you

katie7748: hmm i wouldnt know
katie7748: ive never been in love before
katie7748: i dotn know what it feels like
mager leagues: ill pay you $10 if i can kiss you
mager leagues: heh

katie7748: haha

mager leagues: so whats love to you:-)
Zoe1903: oh god is this gonna go in ur profile
mager leagues: tell me
Zoe1903: ok well i’ll try to explain my view
Zoe1903: wow here goes
Zoe1903: being completely content
mager leagues: thats it?
Zoe1903: feeling that if u died tomorrow at least one part of ur life would be perfect
mager leagues: whoa
Zoe1903: wait there’s more shut up
Zoe1903: u asked!!!
mager leagues: im on the edge of my seat… continue
Zoe1903: r u making fun of me
mager leagues: nope CONTINUE
Zoe1903: um feeling like ur floating 24/7 but in a good way
mager leagues: so you are comparing love to drugs?
Zoe1903: no!!!
Zoe1903: ok weightlessness is that a better term for it
mager leagues: ok
Zoe1903: i’m not finished
mager leagues: im disapointed with this one
Zoe1903: hold on this is hard to explain
mager leagues: just tell me
Zoe1903: trusting someone completely and knowing that they trust u, feeling like they understand u…

mager leagues: whats love to you
silly girl 869: oh god.
silly girl 869: i think that love is when you are ready to accept somebody, for their postive attributes and for their faults. and when you are ready to hold their hand
through a fucked up situation, when you’re ready to comprimise to make them happy. when you want to tell someone everything about you.. and when your heart beats faster
when they’re around.

pot9963: love is different from a relationship.. a relationship has many false climaxes like a shakespeare play but love will nbe the only one u hear bells on ur weddin day
pot9963: hgih and readin caesar
pot9963: gave me that
mager leagues: wow
mager leagues: *experiences a euphoria*

pot9963: no clue wat that word means

mager leagues: whats love to you
lilgirl815: what do you mean
mager leagues: what’s love to you
mager leagues: its an easy question

lilgirl815: i dont know that is is something you can describe
lilgirl815: its different with every person and every relationship
mager leagues: booo
lilgirl815: why?
mager leagues: thats the WORST answer ive gotten
lilgirl815: ok
mager leagues: sorry
lilgirl815: wanting to do anything and everything for someone and enver expecting something in return

mager leagues: what’s love to you
mAnEeMoNky: um… love is an undescribale connection u share with a person… u think about that person and want to be with them all the time..
mAnEeMoNky: love has no limits
mAnEeMoNky: love is unselfish and kind
mAnEeMoNky: is that good enough?
mager leagues: great:-D

mager leagues: whats love to you
KDreamstar: whats love to me????
KDreamstar: ummm,….i dunnno thats deep
KDreamstar: ;lol
mager leagues: i know
mager leagues: i need an answer

KDreamstar: when your in love with someone, you are happpy with then, they make you complete and a better person, You in love when that person is the first thing you
think about when you wake up, and the last thing you think about when you go to sleep.
KDreamstar: i guess thats my perspective on love in a nut shell for ya:-D
mager leagues: its very good

mager leagues: whats love to you
OneMeanHeadDab: love…
OneMeanHeadDab: i’m gonna go with this and i may add on over time…
OneMeanHeadDab: there’s different kinds of loves for one
OneMeanHeadDab: there’s love that you have for you friends
OneMeanHeadDab: there’s love that you have for other things (i.e. www.ilovecheese.com)
OneMeanHeadDab: there’s love that you have for family
OneMeanHeadDab: and then there’s that love that makes you all mooshy inside
OneMeanHeadDab: when a person is always on your mind
OneMeanHeadDab: always there for you and willing to do anything for you (and vice versa)
OneMeanHeadDab: love when you tell them that you miss them or love them and truly mean it
OneMeanHeadDab: love makes you do crazy things that aren’t always explainable but always seem right to you
OneMeanHeadDab: that’s my story and i’m stickin’ to it
OneMeanHeadDab: and if i think of anything else to add then i’ll let ya know
mager leagues: good shit
OneMeanHeadDab: isn’t that an oxymoron?
OneMeanHeadDab: :-D
mager leagues: nope

padanielfam5: love is the best thing that can happen to somebody…its more than a feeling…its something that fills your whole body, and no matter what is going on…you
always know that you have love
mager leagues: :-* good one

mager leagues: whats love to you
Jesss032: when you love someone unconditionally
mager leagues: whats unconditionally
Jesss032: no matter what… you accept their flaws
Jesss032: you love them under any condition

Jesss032 (5:31:42 PM): i thought of what i really thought love was
mager leagues (5:32:01 PM): give it to me baby
Jesss032 (5:32:04 PM): its not like finding the perfect person… but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly

mager leagues: what’s love to you
BigTobe1: whuttup
BigTobe1: love is bullshit
BigTobe1: fuck a ho
mager leagues: wow
BigTobe1: (c)
mager leagues: honestly…
mager leagues: what’s true love to you
mager leagues: aint shit to you?
BigTobe1: what do u want me to say…. love is a walk in the park with birds chirping and bees buzzing gentle breeze shit?
mager leagues: damn
mager leagues: nm then
BigTobe1: love is garbage, i dont even think it really exist
BigTobe1: im bein real witu

mager leagues: whats love to you
CHUCK3333333: what?
mager leagues: what’s love to you
CHUCK3333333: i dont know
CHUCK3333333: its something you cant explain
mager leagues: true
mager leagues: but what constitutes love
mager leagues: what makes it love

CHUCK3333333: when nothing in the world seems to matter, you just want to be with that person
mager leagues: good answer

TINKeltoes: ha, ok…. well, i honestly don’t really know my definition of love… don’t think i’ve ever REALLY been in love before…. i’m sure i’ll know when i experience it though

mager leagues: whats love to you
KeArBeBe: being in silence w/ the person and having the best time of ur life….
mager leagues: :-D excellent
KeArBeBe: why lol
mager leagues: thats mint
KeArBeBe: its the truth:-P

mager leagues: whats love to you
JHindman22: why
mager leagues: need your opinion
JHindman22: that’s hard as shit
mager leagues: yep
mager leagues: so think about it

JHindman22: aight… ill gather up a definition
JHindman22: dang yo.. i cant explain it
mager leagues: whats your conclusion
JHindman22: love is hard to define… but when you’re in love you know it because there’s no feeling in the world like it… it’s caring for a person uncoditionally and supporting them in anything and everything they do… that’s the best i can do buddy
mager leagues: thats good enough
JHindman22: sounds good

OneMeanHeadDab: i have a quote here from “a walk to remember”, and yes, my g/f had me watch it with her….
OneMeanHeadDab: anwya
OneMeanHeadDab: anyway*
OneMeanHeadDab: here goes
OneMeanHeadDab: “Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful.”
OneMeanHeadDab: you’d better appreciate me making an ass out of myself for you to have more material in your website….
OneMeanHeadDab: on the plus side, that mooshy stuff gets you good with girls…;-)

oklahomaerik: more than a feeling

thughokie: love is knowing you’ll do just about anything for sumone, no matter their faults, you compliment one another, you can hang out like best friends, but you can’t keep your hands off either, you just know it’s special, you can apart from them, but know you’ll end up together…
mager leagues: :-D great answer

  • sexyscientist312

    Love to me is complex- cannot be put into words, its an emotion & an action- talking about love is the reason we don’t FEEL it ~ on contrary to what others have said: “its comfortable”. Love for me is “uncomfortable” if you are truly in love, you always want to make it better: its work but should not feel as such- its passion, raw emotion, love is everything & nothing. To love yourself is more important b/c only with self acceptance can you really love others.

  • http://seamripper.wordpress.com Nicole

    Love is having an emergency contact who isn’t one of your parents.

  • http://johnhmaloney.com/ John H Maloney

    Love is a chemical reaction in the brain that helps ensure the continuation of the species.

  • smc

    there is no guarantee that you’ll ever get back the love you give away. that doesn’t tarnish what love is, though. love isn’t about what someone else can make you feel in return… it’s simply a selfless offering despite what may or may not happen as a result.

    one of my friends always says, “take your most precious moment, and give it away.” i add, “for free” – it’s the same concept.

    take any definition of the word, “free” — and the statement still holds true. love is free, with no asterisks involved.

  • https://andrewmager.com Andrew Mager

    smc, I completly agree

  • http://simplypokhara.blogspot.com/ pokhara

    To fall in love is the best thing that can happen in your life.

  • slimvp954

    love is wen u give it to someone n u feel great about it u feel like u can give it any time without expecting nothing back

  • slimvp954

    love is wen u give it to someone n u feel great about it u feel like u can give it any time without expecting nothing back

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