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Facebook Connect better than sliced bread

Let’s face it… everyone is joining Facebook. Your mom, her mom, the dog, your boss. It’s the place you go when you want to get the scoop on your social collective. Now it can be integrated into the rest of the web, and even your phone. Commenting on a blog is easy, but sometimes you [...]

Sixth Photo Meme

Goto Flickr and take the 6th photo from the 6th page of your photostream. Here’s mine: Monkey playing a trumpet backwards Tom Merritt hit me with this photo meme, from Veronica Belmont. Lemme tag six more people: Josh Campoverde, Kevin Cupp, Brian Sewell, Stephanie Chu, Neha Tiwari, and Miguel 23.

Have you met the Milk man?

I went to see Milk last night and I was blown away. It was a very touching story about the life and times of San Francisco’s first openly gay politician Harvey Milk. If this movie is playing near you, I recommend you see it at once. In the heart of San Francisco’s gay district, the [...]

I will blog more, I promise

It’s a new month, and this blog has been dead for a while. I have been busy with other things, but now I’m back. I will offer photos, stories, and videos. Stay tuned for more.

Real life advice

I dunno if this is really Kanye, but I believe it.