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What is Bacn?

How do you manage your Bacn?

I know you have email folders lettered with bold text followed by a two or three-digit number clogging up your inbox.

Email is our generation’s main form of communication, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with.

We check it 10 times a day or more, and we are getting better at managing it. Our eyes rarely give more than one second of time to viewing a spam message. We hit delete right away.

But, even websites that we visit two or three times a day are still infecting our inboxes with extra k.

There are so many social networks nowadays that we have to manage multiple email addresses to filter second-tier, or junky email. Usually, our Yahoo account serves this purpose.

Bacn is an email message that is too sophisticated to be junk, but something you just don’t have time to read. Like:

  • Google Alerts
  • Twitter adds
  • Any Facebook email
  • New signup confirmation emails
  • Some Pownce emails
  • Wordpress comment moderations

I like bacn because it’s quick information, but I am too lazy to delete it from my inbox. It’s not something I want to ignore like spam, but I just wish there was a better way to filter it :)